Module 1 - Cleanse & Detox

Take your time to go through each section. Watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the transcripts - whichever way you absorb information best. In the resources you will find fact sheets and your digital journal to print out. Please do not attempt the detox if you think you could be pregnant and always consult with an integrative health practitioner or functional medicine specialist if you have any doubts about your suitability for cleansing.


This video is an introduction and overview to the first module. It explains the journal which you can download in the resources below and how to set two intentions for each of the forty day modules.

You can download the transcript here.


This video is the longest in module one. Do what you can to upgrade your eating and lifestyle habits.

You can download the transcript here.


Are you ready to expand your mind and shift your paradigm?

You can download the transcript here.


In the last of the info videos of module one learn all about spirit and the relevance of connecting with spirit ahead of conception.

You can download the transcript here.


Fertility Yoga 1

An introduction to fertility yoga and demonstration of a restorative pose that is great to do while you’re detoxing. It bathes the abdomen in fresh blood and stimulates the digestive organs. This pose also soothes the nervous system, allowing the body to shift its attention from stress to bodily functions such as detoxing.

Fertility Yoga 2
A short and simple sequence of yoga postures to promote balance, stability, inner strength and focus. These poses also tone abdominal organs, simulate the reproductive system and help relieve menstrual disorders.


Detoxing breath

This video demonstrates Kapalabhati breath which detoxifies the organism and activates metabolism. Due to the forceful exhalation (the movement is from your diaphragm) the balance between CO2 and oxygen change which benefits deacidification).

Caution: Do not practice if you suffer from vascular disease, high blood pressure, during menstruation or if you think you could be pregnant i.e. recommended in the first half of your cycle before ovulation.



This meditation helps you attune to the expanded spaces in your physical body. These three truly sacred spots can serve as portals to provide more clarity and awareness.

Journal + Extras

Your Journal

The journal has two versions, one with photos and another without, so you can print out extra pages as you wish. The total number of pages should be 40 for this module. You will receive a different version of the journal for module two.

You can download the journal to print out and all your factsheets here.




You can download the .zip folder with all the Extras in here.