Module 3 - Nurture & Nourish

Take your time to go through each section. Watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the transcripts - whichever way you absorb information best. In the resources you will find fact sheets and your digital journal to print out. Remember to consult with an integrative health practitioner or functional medicine specialist if you have any questions about your personal case.


This video is an introduction and overview to the third module which is all about nurturing adn being receptive. It recaps and gives some suggestions for two new intentions to set this month.


This video is all about nourishing the body. It includes information about digestion and sunlight relate to fertility and how to improve womb health.


This section includes exciting new research from neuroscience about how our minds work, the importance of pleasure and mindfulness.


This one is all about sex, relationships and trust.


Fertility Yoga

This restorative sequence with legs up the wall will bring about deep relaxation in the pelvic area which is so important for those undergoing fertility treatments. If you can try contracting the vagina on the inhale and then expand via the anus on the exhale. After doing this a few times it will feel more natural. In the video we are just demonstrating the sequence. You would spend much longer in each finger position.

Shoulder Stand

Follow this video for the correct way to do shoulder stand so that there is no pressure on the back of the neck.

Fertile Abundance at Any Age

This guided meditation is aimed at bringing about deep healing and nurturing to the womb space. It helps connect the womb to the heart and helps shift any limiting mindsets about age.

Fertility Massage

This video shows you how to perform a fertility massage on yourself (sorry the recording is a bit lop-sided)


You can download the journal to print out and all your factsheets here.

The journal has two versions, one with photos and another without, so you can print out extra pages as you wish. The total number of pages should again be 40 for this module.