Module 2 - Repair & Prepare

Take your time to go through each section. Watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the transcripts - whichever way you absorb information best. In the resources you will find fact sheets and your digital journal to print out. Remember to consult with an integrative health practitioner or functional medicine specialist if you have any questions about your personal case.


This video is an introduction and overview to the second module which is all about healing. It recaps and gives some suggestions for two new intentions to set this month.




This video is all about healing the body. It includes cutting-edge research on the microbiome, epigenetics, how stress affects nutrient absorption, deconstructing cravings and the benefits of vegetables.



All about ways to deal with stress, healing past traumas, self-forgiveness and some new ideas on ovarian reserve.



Explaining how interconnected body, mind and spirit are this video looks at heart connection, gratitude and purpose.



Fertility Yoga - Module Two

Some more fertility yoga sequences that are both healing and restorative. These postures help create space to open the pelvis for conception, calm the nervous system, balance hormones, strengthen the uterus and improve circulation to the reproductive organs. Try also the Bhastrika Breath which tones the reproductive organs.



Chakra Meditation

This chakra mantra helps connect heart with mind. Manas in Sanskrit means both heart and mind. This simple tool of singing a mantra impacts our awareness and bathes the subtle body in light. Chant the mantra out loud or silently to yourself. As you chant each of the chakra sounds focus your concentrated attention on the body part associated with it. You can chant each sound 3-5 times before moving on to the next chakra. Repeat 3 times and feel free to remain sitting silently in meditation afterwards.


Healing Meditation

This guided meditation is aimed at bringing about healing; be it physical, mental or emotional. The meditation can be done as often as desired and it can be done anywhere with closed eyes.

How to Make Sauerkraut

This cookery demonstration shows how simple it is to make your own sauerkraut. All you need is a cabbage, sea-salt, a good knife to chop and a jar.


You can download the journal to print out and all your factsheets here.

The journal has two versions, one with photos and another without, so you can print out extra pages as you wish. The total number of pages should be 40 for this module. You will receive a different version of the journal for module three.