A 40 Day Reset for Mothers

A Home Retreat Experience to Pay Forward and Share

As mothers and nurturers we are used to putting others first.

We serve until we are burnt out, all in the name of being committed or caring.On the surface, it seems like a good thing, but here’s the truth: When you put yourself last, everyone loses out.

Because without your wellness, nobody is well.

No one benefits when you sacrifice your well-being –– or your sanity –– in the name of benefiting others.

In these challenging times it is even more important to care for ourselves, to stay centred and grounded.

YOu Cannot Give from an Empty Cup

As women we must fill our cups regularly in order to give to others. This decade is seeing increased levels of stress and everyone is looking to us to nurture and provide.

Studies show that the more we are able to care for ourselves, the better we are able to handle stress. The more we honour ourselves and practice self-care, the more resilient we are in challenging times.

Radical Self-Care, Self Love and Sisterhood are our saving grace and I firmly believe they're the Medicine of our Times.

Your Resource for Guilt-Free Me-Time

Your cup needs to be overflowing, so you can give freely to the loved ones in your life.

We've created this 40 day practice to provide you with simple, easy to implement support, so that you have what it takes to relax and tap into your power, inspiration and energy in a matter of minutes. 

Every day you will receive an inspiring video so you can quickly refill your cup and nourish yourself –– whenever you need it!

Yes! I want to fill my cup daily with nourishment!

And I want to gift this nourishment to other mothers, especially mothers in crisis around the world ..

Stress Gets Trapped in Your Body

Did you know that stress and speed can get trapped in your body’s connective tissues and nerves? In this time of heightened stress, it’s near impossible not to get caught up in the anxiety vortex.

Stress is insidious

When we never slow down we don’t give our parasympathetic nervous system (the ‘rest and digest’ function) a chance to do its work. Once our bodies become entangled in this stress we become easily distracted and are far less grounded.

Deep stillness is the solution

And it’s more important now than ever before. Yoga is a powerful way to access that deep stillness. It helps us slow down the breath to create a sense of timelessness and spaciousness.

Here’s How to Get What You Need…

With Maximum Efficiency


During this Sadhana, in just a few minutes each day, you can reset your inner world. Each day you receive fresh content that supports you - and this in turn supports your loved ones and immediate environment.

In just 40 days you can transform limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. The intention you set will allow you to drop bad habits and make space for healthier ones.

It’s typical to lose sight and sense of your own ‘self’ when you are overwhelmed and over-giving. This 40 Days of Fortitude Practice will enable you to reconnect with your inner guidance.

Be Bathed in our Retreat

Inspired LoveField


The HolyMama LoveField is one of the primary experiences of coming on a HolyMama retreat.

It is an intention we set and the space we create. We have now taken this concept into the virtual space to activate a Planetary LoveField for women and children.

Think of it like being immersed in an environment where the love hormone, oxytocin flows and the relaxation response is activated.

Research on the female brain shows that when women are in this flow state they are more creative, compassionate and resilient.

This 40-day practice will allow you to be centred and grounded for the rest of the day.

This is your in-home sanctuary, at your fingertips. Right here. Right now.

During this 40-day Practice You Can Count On…

  • Simple Tips to Reduce Overwhelm
  • Self-Care Tools and Resources to Boost your Vitality
  • Prompts to look after you (so that you can give more abundantly to others)
  • Easy-to-Follow Techniques to slow down instantly and release any trauma trapped in your body, connective tissues and nervous system
  • Transformation of  Mom-Guilt and Work Guilt to increase resilience and energy reserves
  • Easy ways to activate your Relaxation Response –– and prevent chronic stress
  • Connection with women who are aligned with you
  • Inspiration so you can breathe life back into your creative potential
  • Safe, Sacred Space that gives you permission to reclaim personal time without guilt
  • Nurturing Support in just a few minutes a day –– no matter how busy you are
  • The Tools to re-engage your true inner guidance and bring more sacredness to your daily life

Each Day You’ll Get Fresh Content That Supports YOU
in Filling Your Cup Quickly and Easily

HolyMama Sadhana was especially created with you in mind. It’s adaptable and flexible to how your day is looking. The programme is specifically designed to suit different lifestyles and needs, especially those of overwhelmed and time-constrained women and mothers.

[VIDEO] Yoga Home Practice Led by Our Best Teachers

Themed Yoga videos for overwhelmed mums from our favourite HolyMama retreat teachers. Filmed in stunning locations to bring recharging energy into your home, videos are under 15 minutes, so it’s quick, easy, convenient and renewing.


  • This is your at-home yoga sanctuary.
  • It’s a great start for those not used to self-practice and it gives more structure and confidence to those who practice regularly.

[VIDEO] Quick Delicious Meal Ideas for Busy Bodies

Our amazing HolyMama chefs reveal their magical recipes, so that you have quick and nourishing meals for yourself and everyone in the family. 


  • Professionally and beautifully filmed
  • List of ingredients
  • Cooking demos anyone can follow
  • Delicious and healthy recipes chosen for their ease

[LIVE SUPPORT] Virtual Gatherings for Mothers

Sisterhood connection via women's circles led by HolyMama Founder, Claudia Spahr


  • Safe and sacred container for women to come together in sisterhood and mutual support
  • Monthly rituals and moon cycles, intuitive coaching, mentorship
  • Your questions answered, connection with like-minded women
  • Personal activation in a safe container for transformation and growth
  • Weekly topics to explore, ask questions and harness the energy of the group

[AUDIO] Short Guided Visualisations and Intuitive Tools You Can Use Anywhere

Guided Meditations and Visualisations to bring you to that calm and connected space. Tools to get you in touch with your Inner Guidance and bring Sacredness to your daily life.


  • Easy, and convenient meditations to listen to at home or on a crowded bus or train
  • Renewing and relaxing, sealed with SVH - Serenity Vibration Healing® and using techniques such as QLR - Quantum Level Reprogramming® to release you from limiting beliefs, imprints and other blocks holding you back from living a full and happy life
  • Empath tools like chakra clearing, grounding, moon rituals, ceremonies, sacred crafts and activations

[ONLINE - ANY TIME] Community Support

  • Community support and networking opportunities
  • Build your personal and professional contacts and accelerate your personal growth
  • Find support and understanding from like-minded women going through similar issues to yourself
  • Connect with women you relate to
  • Get feedback on your struggles
  • Celebrate your wins and find the space to integrate the themes of the 40 day Practice

[BONUS] Wise Women, Elders, Leaders and Experts on the Hot Seat

  • Guest Presenters who will bring their expertise to our group.
  • Support personal growth
  • Inspiration from wise women and thought leaders
  • The curated themes over the 40 days are the following: Calm, Grace, New Start, Simplify, Creating Soul Space, Loving Kindness, Self Nourishment, Forgiveness, Family Healing, Pleasure and Sexuality, and Unity.

All this content is here to support you, so you can take advantage of as much or as little as you need without feeling like you need to do everything each day. There's no right or wrong way to make the most of this support.

I believe that Circle is the Medicine of our Times. It is an Alchemical Vessel for Deep Transformation, Remembering and Healing.” Claudia Spahr

Yes! I need to fill my own cup because I'm exhausted and overwhelmed

“Give me fast and simple tools on how to recharge and reset within minutes.”

"I admire you Claudia for the work you and your team do. I got so much energy and support from you. You make this world better. You have made my life better. Thank you."
Anna Wiklund

Why Yoga and Meditation? …Here’s Why:


  • Enhances self-esteem
  • Improves mood
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Lessens anxiety and stress
  • Decreases feelings of fear
  • Boosts optimism
  • Increases patience and compassion


  • Improves energy levels
  • Increases longevity
  • Lessens inflammatory issues and prevents disease
  • Fine-tunes breathing
  • Enhances heart-function
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Lessens premenstrual and menopausal symptoms


  • Increases concentration and focus: ´brain-food
  • Improves memory and learning
  • Boosts creativity
  • Fine-tunes cognitive skills and increases brain grey-matter
  • Supports decision-making
  • Enhances abilities to function under stress

See Yourself Glowing, Healthy and Happy. Imagine what's possible when you CAN find the time in your day for self-care, for stress reduction, for making small easy shifts into a more balanced and calm daily life experience …, Imagine how your greater peace of mind and calm will impact your relationships, your productivity … your health!

I guarantee that within the first few days of your HolyMama Sadhana you will see a huge difference in your energy levels and sense of calm.

And it’s almost effortless. This support works for YOU, rather than you working for it.


I want to be sure that any woman who needs these Sadhana tools can have them, this includes the women who don't usually have access to the tools of yoga, meditation and personal development. That’s why I have committed to keeping the investment low (money really shouldn’t be a barrier to personal well-being). AND get this:

ONE Sadhana purchase can be gifted to 5 other women, sister friends, mothers, as you choose. The idea is that the gift goes from woman to woman, so that self-care and nourishment are spread. Instead of spreading dis-ease, we are spreading love, self-care and support within our communities.


When you gift this Sadhana, ELEVEN Euros goes directly to the HolyMamaLove fund to support women and children in crisis around the world. For more details on our For Purpose activities go here


* Please note that we have launched this offer especially for those overwhelmed by these challenging times.

 No-Questions-Asked Cancellation

You can test drive the HolyMama Sadhana to see if it's the right fit.

 No-Obligation Trial

If the Sadhana doesn’t fulfil your expectations, we’ll refund immediately, no questions asked.


“It’s nice to see my old self come back.

HolyMama has made ‘me’ be ‘me’ again.

I hadn’t been ‘me’ for a long time.” –– Bianca

"It was perfectly timed, life got a little slower, as my work ceased due to covid 19... it felt like i was part of a retreat, and each session felt transported to such wonderful tranquil places... a real luxury during a tricky time. Thank you.” –– Louise Barkas, The Calm Folk

About HolyMama and it’s Founder, Claudia Spahr

Hi, I'm Claudia, I've been supporting women and leading retreats for nearly two decades. My daily reality is seeing the positive effects of being supported on retreat.

When the world went into lockdown in 2020 I decided to bring the retreat magic into the home in a simple and direct way via this virtual offering.

As a mother to three young children with different needs and demands, I often find it challenging working from home. Without creating space for myself I can become resentful and impatient. This serves nothing and no one … least of all those I love.

HolyMama Sadhana is part of the global shift to restore more balance on the planet. It starts with us. It starts with honouring the Mother.

The 40 Day Reset is a unique offering based on nearly two decades of experience and observations of how women transform on retreat and return to feeling more whole again.

I have replicated this experience so that when women are at home they can tap into the same spaciousness they had on the retreat. This then aligns them to feel how they felt on the retreat. And it opens up so many possibilities for them.

HolyMama Sadhana brings you the Wisdom of the Ages adapted to fit our modern-day needs and lifestyle


Thousands of women have been using the HolyMama tools on our retreats to overcome stress, boost their energy and create space for self-care – quickly and confidently

“I’m Ready for Guilt-Free Peace of Mind and a Little More Me-Time!”

“I’m Ready to Spread Nourishment, Support and Love around the planet.”

“Women are so precious in our culture, we would

put our bodies on the line to protect them.” 

Matiu te Huki, Maori Wisdom Keeper

“I see HolyMama as part of the turning of the tides.

Part of the shaking up of old structures and paradigms.

One that gives women and children and the men, who love and honour them, the space to breathe and determine their own path.”

– Claudia Spahr, Founder HolyMama


When is the content for HolyMama Sadhana released?

Every day you will receive a prompt as a gentle reminder to stay with your practice. During the 40 days you gain access to a new video on the central Hub site, to support you in your Sadhana. The videos are a mixture of yoga by our favourite HolyMama yoga teachers, meditations, recipes demonstrated by HolyMama chefs and some carefully selected expert prompts and soundbites.

How long will it take me to go through the content?
  • Yoga videos are around 15 minutes
  • Food demos are around 5 -10 minutes
  • Guided meditations are 5-15 minutes
  • Mentor interviews are around 20minutes
  • Live calls are between 60 and 90 minutes
Are any of the videos compulsory?

None of the content is compulsory. However, as a commitment to your Sadhana Practice, we suggest you take time each day to follow the new video and stick to your intention for the 40 days. Each theme within the 40 days will last for 4-5 days and the yoga practice reflects the theme. This mean that ideally you practice yoga for 15 minutes each day to embody the theme you are studying, before moving onto the next theme for the next 4-5 days. Our suggestion would also be to detox from electronic media one hour before sleeping and for the first hour of the day.



Why 40 days?

Sadhana comes from Sanskrit and means ‘a way of accomplishing something to achieve an objective’ or a ‘discipline undertaken in pursuit of a goal’. The HolyMama online 40-day Sadhana allows you to set very clear intentions. It allows you to transform a limiting mindset, habit or conditioning, and make way for a healthier one. This is like a journey of alchemy.

The practices are designed to build a strong vessel, and to purify physical, mental and emotional layers. The sadhana will cultivate, discipline, focused attention, acceptance, loving-kindness, discernment and transformation.

There is a relevance to doing this discipline for 40 days. Science shows that it takes 40 days to reset cellular patterning. 40 is a number that comes up in many spiritual traditions and world religions, symbolising a period of testing, trial or probation. Islam, Judaism and Christianity share the belief that Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai, where he received the 10 commandments. Rain fell for 40 days and 40 nights during the Flood. Jesus also fasted 40 days and 40 nights in the Judean desert before his temptation and it was the period he is believed to have remained on earth after resurrection.

Quarantine comes from Latin and means 40 days. In the Hispanic tradition 'la Cuarentena' is the post -partum period in which the new mum turns inwards and is solely dedicated to breastfeeding and taking care of her baby and herself. During this time other members of the community pitch in to cook, clean and take care of her. In some Latin American countries it's traditional to use herbal remedies during this period to aid in recovery.

The dictionary definition of quarantine says 'a state, period or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious diseases are placed.'

How Does the GIfting Work?

One gift can be paid forward to up to 5 friends. So for 44 Euros we give you access to the practice, as well as 1-5 of your friends. To spread wellness, instead of dis-ease, we ask each receiver to pay forward the gift. There are also scholarship places available that you can gift anonymously. This will go to mothers in shelters or in conditions where they do not have access to yoga and personal development. 

How do I access the videos?

Once you sign up, you will be sent an email confirming your subscription. Then every day, you will receive an email with a prompt to the new video uploaded to the Hub portal.

If you have any technical difficulties, need help with payment options or have any other questions, please contact us on admin@holymama.info

How do I access the videos from China and Indonesia?

The videos are uploaded to vimeo and embedded onto our Hub. China and Indonesia do not allow access to vimeo, so we suggest using VPN to access the video content.

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact us on admin@holymama.info


I want to be sure that any woman who needs these Sadhana tools can have them, this includes the women who don't usually have access to the tools of yoga, meditation and personal development. That’s why I have committed to keeping the investment as low as possible (money really shouldn’t be a barrier to personal well-being). AND get this:

ONE Sadhana purchase can be gifted to FIVE other women, sister friends, mothers, as you choose. The idea is that the gift goes from woman to woman, so that self-care and nourishment are spread. Instead of spreading dis-ease, we are spreading love, self-care and support within our communities.

DOUBLE WIN: Your Gift Helps Women in Crisis

When you gift this Sadhana, Three Euros goes directly to the HolyMamaLove fund to subsidise new projects to support women and children in crisis around the world. For more details on our For Purpose activities go here

Yes! I want to fill my cup daily with nourishment!

And I want to gift this nourishment to other mothers, especially mothers in crisis around the world ..

* Please note that this special price is only available until January 6, 2023

"Coming on a HolyMama retreat exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect balance of family time and me-time.
It reminded me of the importance to eat a little better and taking time to look after ourselves.
The food was fantastic and inventive and our kids enjoyed eating new healthy food. When is the cookbook coming out?!"

- Hannah Merrey


“I feel relaxed and strong. HolyMama has given me a renewed sense of dedication to myself, my health, my well-being.” –– Jeanine Eichen