The Portal is Open

Congratulations and welcome to the HolyMama Sadhana. A 40 Days of Fortitude Practice. I’m thrilled that you have decided to make a commitment to yourself. This is a devotional act of love.

Access to the HolyMama Sadhana

Please look out for the first email for Day One of the 40 day Practice, which you will receive in a few minutes. This email has your unique log in details. You can start the Sadhana with this first email or wait until you are ready to begin. This is your personal practice, to start whenever suits you. The key is to be consistent and practice daily.

You'll also be welcomed into our private Facebook Community. This is where you can connect with the community, share your questions, thoughts, and “ahas” and gain support as we move through the 40-day programme and our quarantines.


If you have any questions, please contact Kat at:

Again, welcome! I’m thrilled to have you as part of the community.

See you soon,