Unit Two:
Be Heard

Be Heard

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Be Heard

An introduction to this module on being heard because your message is important.

Action Steps: Write down or record an audio on why your messages are important.

Creating a Resonant Field

Using the right words in your broadcasts is important but there are many ways to transmit presence apart from words. You can emit safety via your body language, eye contact and the resonance of your voice. 

Action Steps: What do you notice about the videos and audios of those who come across as warm, competent or attractive? Can you pinpoint what they do and how they do it that makes their broadcasts so appealing?

Voice and Soul

Your voice is a mirror to your soul and so are your eyes. The tone of your voice can say so much more than the words you use.

Action Steps: Practice humming. Do it around the house, try humming in a deeper tone than you would naturally. Play around with pitch and tone.

Your Voice Matters

All our voices matter and as the legendary, Les Brown says, "You have something special, You have greatness in you!". Every voice is unique and has the ability to shift minds and touch hearts.

Action Steps: Record yourself sharing a famous quote or tell a story about a time in your life where you had a pivotal shift or moment of transformation. Try doing it under 3 minutes.

Women’s Voices

I am passionate about women sharing their voices. We need women to speak up with clarity so that we can be heard for our perspective, our truth and our version of the story, 

Action Steps: Journal on whether you have experienced any silencing around sharing your voice. Have you been ever been ridiculed, belittled or sidelined for your opinion or beliefs?

Devoted Listening

One thing is speaking, another is listening. Women blossom when they are witnessed with devotion and full attention. Bearing witness to another woman is holding space for her, mindful that no power is taken away from her. 

Action Steps: Practice devoted listening with a friend. Focus on all the positive in her messages and delivery. Then celebrate her so that she can refine even more. Take turns in listening to and celebrating each other.

Devotional Listening

This is the second video on devotional listening.

Action Steps: Cultivate this practice in every area of your life and see how communication shifts.

Wardrobe Recording Studio

Get an intimate glimpse into my wardrobe recording studio. By using the soft materials inside a wardrobe you can absorb a lot of the echo or 'cold sound' in a room. Professional recording studios always have sponge lined walls to create full, warm and deep sound.

Action Steps: Record yourself in the middle of your living room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and then inside your bedroom cupboard. Which sounds the best?


This video speaks about my favourite microphone and what you can use as an alternative.

Action Steps: Record yourself using your phone microphone and then with other microphones, if you have them. Compare.

Recording Music and Voice

If you want to record your voice with music it can cut off on platforms like zoom. This is your best system to get good sound quality.

Action Steps: Watch some YouTube videos on recording dance or fitness classes with music and find the tech that suits your budget and needs.