Unit Three:
Be Seen

Be Seen

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Be Seen

An introduction to Module Two, Be Seen, which includes getting your lighting, visuals and background right so that you can attract and engage your audience.

Action Steps: Watch the videos in this module.

Visibility and On Camera Comfort

Very few people feel comfortable on camera when they start out but like everything we can cultivate a practice. It is time to come out from behind the curtain and give people a real taste of what it will be like to work with you. Start enabling the connection.

Action Steps: Follow the videos in this module and do all the exercises to start feeling comfortable on camera.

Project Presence

Where do you look when you are recording yourself? How do you project presence into a computer, microphone or phone? 

Action Steps: Record yourself leaning in, leaning back, looking into the camera, looking away from the camera. What differences do you notice?

Lighting and Colours

Some technical tips on getting your lighting right for video and how moving your computer a few centimetres can make a big difference. This video also mentions what clothes and make up are best for video. Perfectionism isn't the aim but your personality and authenticity are.

Action Steps: Try out different lighting set ups to see what is most flattering and gives a clear, sharp image.

Natural and Studio Light

How do you find the best natural light in a room and how do you boost this light so that it is most flattering?

Action Steps: Walk around with your phone recording the different locations in your house to see where the lighting and background are best for recording.

Artificial Light

What do you do when you have no natural light and need to record after sunset? Learn what to do without a lighting team to support you. Good lighting creates mood and atmosphere. It will help you look professional and attractive.

Action Steps: Get creative with your lighting. Try out different lights in the background. Set up some warm lights and try out led lights to add depth to the image.

Background for Recordings

Being on a zoom meeting or recording a video gives an insight into your home. What do you want to show? Visuals speak volumes about you and your life, so it is important what you let the camera see. 

Action Steps: Set up different backgrounds in your home and record yourself speaking to camera to see which one works best.

Washroom to Studio

This video is a demo on how to transform a space that isn't ideal for recording. You can do anything with a bit of imagination and creativity. A paravent can help if you really can't find the right backdrop for your videos.

Action Steps: Take a room that usually wouldn't work for recordings and transform it. 

Framing is Everything

Having a nomadic media centre like myself you sometimes end up in the kitchen because that is where the strongest internet connection happens to be. But what do you do if the dishes aren't done and the broom is in the way. Framing is everything. 

Action Steps: Play around with the framing by moving your computer centimetres to the left or right, up and down. You will see big difference with a slight shift in framing.

Gadget for Recording from your Phone

If you often record from your phone then a gadget like I show in the video is very useful.

Action Steps: Shop around to see what fits your budget and taste. 

Recording to your Computer

This video shows you how to record to your computer using Quicktime Player or Zoom and then upload to Vimeo.

Action Steps: Check your internet speed. You can do this with a free app. I use one called NetSpeed. 

Green Screen

This video shows you how to use a green screen on zoom.

Action Steps: Play around with the different free backgrounds zoom has, then try uploading some of your own. See the difference by using a green curtain or green sheet behind you.