Unit One:
Broadcasting Energetics

Broadcasting Energetics

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Broadcast Your Presence

Why am I telling you about broadcasting? How can you use this medium to project your message and your presence out into the world?

Action Steps: Write down or voice record what you already know about broadcasting. What do you want to use video and audio for? What core messages do you want to communicate?

Sender and Receiver

When you broadcast you enter established dynamics of sender and receiver. In the age of social media and digital technology this has become even more refined.

Action Steps: What do you notice about the videos and messages of those you admire or feel aligned with? What is it about what they are 'sending' or how they are sending it that appeals to you?

Received Message

Precision and clarity are very important in your messaging because the meaning of the message is the one received, not the one sent.

Action Steps: Play a communication game where you tell each other things in vague terms and see what the other person or people on the game understand. You can make this really fun like charades. 

3 Types of Learning

There are at least three types of learners: Visual, audio and kinaesthetic. 

Action Steps: Ascertain which type of learner you are. You might be a combination.

Connect to Broadcast

Broadcasting requires you to feel comfortable so you can project your presence. Imagine you are connecting with another person, heart to heart.

Action Steps: Record different videos and audios of yourself to explore the difference between you speaking into the void and you connecting with an imaginary person. You don't need to imagine anyone in particular. I usually just think and feel 'human being'. Some people prefer imagining a friend or their mum, for example.


This presentation looks at how you can use mythic storytelling as a technique for your talks, videos and even social media posts.

Action Steps: Record a short video and write a social media post following this technique of storytelling. Break it down into very simple sentences for video and bullet points if it's a social media post.